The aim of the Trade Union Together Stronger is cooperation between the people employed on each projects. We want this cooperation to build the future of our company in which stable employment and development opportunities are a reality, not a marketing campaign.

It is said that we are a "mercedes" in our sector ‒ however, behind the successes of a "mercedes" stands a solid and harmonious team of specialists. Without it, a Mercedes would be no different from an old Fiat...
We want our company to be successful in Poland and on the international market. However, we are the ones who work for these successes, we want to have a fair share in them! We want to grow with the company and not be replaced like worn-out clutches

What we have on the board:

  • understandable, achievable and fair motivation bonuses!
    As the name suggests, the motivation bonus is meant to motivate. If it is unattainable, it gives the opposite effect! We want the bonuses to be achievable on every project and on every scale and to motivate us to work better!

  • Company Social Benefits Fund
    We want the CSBF to be accessible to all people working in TP, and the rules of its operation to be transparent and obvious to all people working in TP!
    The CSBF is the money of the employees, which is to serve us!

If you notice a problem around you or have an idea
of how to develop your workplace, be sure to write to us!