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Stronger Together - we are a modern trade union organization of NSZZ "Solidarność" in an international corporation Teleperformance with branches in Poland!

We see an urgent need to establish social dialogue in our company. That is why we have decided to act together to improve working conditions and to ensure that fundamental workers' rights are respected.

We are affiliated to the UNI Global Union
- a federation bringing together trade unions from service industries including contact centre sector from 150 countries.


Why is it worth

There is no perfect place to work.

There are only those where dialogue and self-improvement is practiced.

What matters to us are values such as: respect, equality, sense of community, that's why we want to work in a place that is open to social dialogue!

We want to solve current problems and create space for dialogue in the future!

We are the employees of the same company. We share problems, ideas, experiences. It is rare that single voices     are heard.

Together we are stronger!


When we talk to our superiors individually we can usually only ask for a change of schedule, a vacation or a raise.  When we speak with one voice, we can negotiate as equals.

When talking to a supervisor, we often hear that the company has no money to invest in people. And we can just believe them at their word.

As a trade union we have access to the company's financial data, so we know when the employer has profits from our work, and when not, and on this basis make informed choices about what we want to negotiate.

Why Trade Union

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