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Company Social Benefits Fund allowance has been increased!

* every - that means all Teleperformance Poland and TPG Katowice employees, including Agents, Supervisors and all other high-level employees.

We have good news for everyone employed at Teleperformance under an employment contract - the allowance for the Company Social Benefits Fund has just increased. This means that from now on the employer will pay 1914.34 PLN into the Fund for each employee employed by the company. These funds can be used to subsidize vacations, cultural and sports activities, or, if necessary, to provide assistance to employees who find themselves in a difficult situation.

The establishment of this fund at Teleperformance is one of our greatest successes. We have made it possible for every employee to benefit from these funds. However, it could be even better - unfortunately, the number of workers on employment contracts is taken into account when calculating the deduction, and only those employees can benefit from it. This is one more reason why an employment contract is more favorable to the employee than civil law contracts. Therefore, each of us should expect such a contract from our employer.

Want to take advantage of any of the Fund's benefits? Maybe a receipt of horror from the seaside has made you need a vacation subsidy (the so-called "peregrine vacations")? Contact us, and we will explain how to apply for them:

Or maybe you want to join the activities of our union, strive with us to improve working conditions - or just express your support? Sign up now:

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