Negotiations 28.05.2021 r. - update

Although it is hard to say finished, but certainly fruitful. On 28 May we met with the TP Negotiating Team, as our Employer is introducing changes to Terms and Conditions of Work. Changes in many points are necessary, which we absolutely agree with!

However, not all of the changes can be accepted at once; some of them need to be made more precise in order to secure the vital interests of employees of both companies.

Among other things, we are clarifying the definition of a workplace so that its provisions do not endanger the privacy of our homes, and we are checking the compliance of the proposed provisions in the work regulations with the regulations in force, so that there is no new disorder in the new procedures.

We are extremely pleased and consider it a success that, thanks to our persistence, the Employer is beginning to see the necessity of building a real relationship and not sham negotiations.

On 20 May, we met with CHRO TP on the issue of Jubilee Awards, which initiated joint work on determining the benefits arising from loyalty to the Employer. We have scheduled another meeting on this issue for 24 June, and we will soon present you with a survey in which you will be able to have your say.

We hope to meet soon for further negotiations with the Employer, and we will be proud to present you with the new, fully agreed Terms and Conditions of Work. If you have any ideas or objections to the current version, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: or via our Facebook page.

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