Together Stronger is the Intercompany Commission created by the employees and employees of Teleperformance Group in Poland. We associate people employed in Teleperformance Polska Sp. z o.o. and TPG Katowice Sp. z o.o.
Regardless of the character of the work, we associate all people who need representation and want to take care of the improvement of working conditions together.

We are represented by a committee of the board:
The President Marta Akseki
Secretary Michał Górski


We are part of the Nationwide Trade Union "Solidarity", the largest trade union headquarters in Poland. Thanks to the experience of our colleagues from other unions, we have the opportunity to develop at our own pace, and their expertise helps us understand the legal and factual issues related to the functioning of the Trade Union in our company.

The National Section of Telecommunications Employees allows us to benefit from the experience of other people working in the same sector. This allows us to influence not only our employer, but also the whole sector of the market! Thanks to many years of experience of our older colleagues, we can take into account the specifics of our profession during the negotiations!


Just as our company has employees and facilities all over the world, so too are the unions. In order to be effective in our activities, we connect with colleagues from other countries, exchanging experiences and information on differences in working conditions.

We do not accept the violation of human rights in developing countries, nor do we accept the lowering of labour standards before moving projects to, at present, cheaper regions - those in which workers' rights are still being violated. We do not want to be one of those places! That is why international solidarity is so important!