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We are young but a modern trade union in the ICTS sector (more precisely, in the outsourcing contact center corporation of the Teleperformance Polska). 

We are part of the Nationwide Solidarity Trade Union Headquarters, the largest union headquarters in Poland. Thanks to the experience of our colleagues from other unions, we have the opportunity to develop at our own pace, and their substantive background helps us understand legal issues and substantive related to the functioning of the Trade Union in our company.

National Section of Telecommunications Employees allows us to benefit from the experience of other working people in the same sector. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to influence not only our employer, but also for the whole sector of the market! Thanks to many years of experience of our older colleagues, during negotiations, we can take into account the specifics of our profession!

We see the urgent need to establish social dialogue in our company. That's why we work together, to improve working conditions and to ensure that fundamental labor rights are respected.


  • workplace respect;

  • Opportunity for development and a clearly described career path;

  • clear and fair rules of remuneration regardless of the type of contract;

  • correct overtime calculation and settlement;

  • raises both for you and other employees, regardless of the type of contract;

  • bonuses that depend on your work, not chance;

  • supervisors who know their responsibilities and speak the language you work in!

We fight for better

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